Adithya Rowi

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Inspired by Derek Sivers, I've made my tech setup completely independent. I control everything - the server, storage, this domain. It's all free from ties to big tech companies. You can learn more about this in Derek's article.

I'm Adithya Rowi. I love to read, explore tech, and work hard in cybersecurity. Outside work, I enjoy sports and spending time with my family. Found this nice quote on my note "the quality of life is in proportion, always, to the capacity for delight." So happy you're here!

This space is dedicated to sharing my thoughts through writings. Here, you'll find my thoughts on the books I've read, cybersecurity, improvements. It's a mix of wisdom from the world's best thinkers, and my personal insights and reflections.

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It's all about fun:

Have a blessed life!